Steins;Gate Release Date Confirmed for Europe

While some people have been coming out early reporting unconfirmed release dates we’ve been sitting pretty patiently, awaiting for some real news from the PQube overlords. But it’s happened. It is time! Or, it will be soon. PQube have confirmed with us that Steins;Gate will be releasing both digitally and physically on 5th June!


Yep, that’s a little bit later than their initial planned release of “May”, but, all things considered, that could only be a week out of their initial estimate. Also, given how open they’ve been on their own PQube social media, and their Official Steins;Gate Facebook page about the publishing and submission process, it’s okay by us.




Brick-and-mortar retail-wise GAME will be stocking Steins;Gate, specifically their exclusive Limited Edition, which comes with the artbook in a box (the same artbook that comes in our El Psy Kongroo Edition). It’s a bit of a relief to hear that we’re not the only ones selling it. Steins;Gate is a truly great game, and it really deserves the full, proper retail release it’s getting. That doesn’t always seem to be possible lately for some games, which has been a real shame. Those of you who know me from outside this website may know me as a bit of a book lover, and I love having games such as Steins;Gate on my shelf just as much as uh, the complete Twilight saga. I mean, um, Philip K Dick, Sci-Fi Masterworks stuff.




On the North American version, PQube Head of Marketing Geraint Evans says that “the US version is still in submission — for a second it was looking like we would have to make a change to the game, and obviously this is something we did not want to do. Thankfully Steins;Gate will remain intact. We’ll update on release timings when it exits Sony submission in the US”.


We’ll let you know as soon as possible about the US release! But the Official Facebook Page guys are always pretty on top of their stuff, so throw them a Like.





Now also seems like a good time to remind you of own exclusive Steins;Gate goodies!


For starters we have our exclusive El Psy Kongroo Edition — a limited edition that comes with exclusive Future Gadget Lab replica pin badges as well as a metal upa replica! We’re also offering free worldwide shipping on it because it’s super special to us, which has been going down a treat! Get it here.




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