The top 3 most badass anime ladies

Now frequent readers will know of my preferences when it comes to my tastes in anime women, and this definitely reflects on my real-life preferences as well, to an extent  — it’s badass women. When I say badass, I don’t mean solely strong, powerful characters who can hold their own in a fight, but also those who have strong personalities. 

That is precisely what we’re going to be talking about today; three of my absolute favourite ladies in anime, all considered badasses in their own right. I will go over some brief introductions to the character for those who may not be familiar with them, then dive into my reasons for liking them so much. Let’s go!

Badass anime ladies

Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin is the previous captain of the 2nd division of the Gotei 13 — the primary military branch within the world of Soul Society. Not only was she a former captain, but she was also the commander of the “Onmitsukido’‘ or the stealth corps within Soul Society. After certain events lead to her abandoning Soul Society she works with Kisuke Urahara, another former captain, now operating from the human world. 

Now there is absolutely no possible way in which I can write an article about badass women and not include my queen Yoruichi. She is one of the most badass, if not the most badass, female anime characters that I can think of. Her previous affiliations are already amazing displays of her strength and capabilities, but she is even more remarkable during the events which follow. 

As a captain, it is implied that has mastered her Zanpakuto, something that we as viewers haven’t actually seen, but what’s most impressive about her is her ability to fight with people using nothing but her fists. Yoruichi is a master of speed, even donning the title of “Flash Master” due to her complete mastery of the ability to move at speeds the eyes cannot follow. At times, she almost appears to be in multiple places at once; this is known as Shunpo.

I adore this character not only for her incredible battle prowess within a shounen series with a focus on powerful male characters but also for her carefree and funny sides as well. Yoruichi can be extremely focused and switch on the badass when she needs to — but she is just as entertaining a character when she is chilling in her cat form and teasing people. 

Top 3 Badass Anime Ladies

Hitagi Senjougahara (Monogatari Series)

A frail-looking girl with an incurable disease who isolates herself from the other students is the way that Senjougahara is described when we first meet her in Bakemonogatari. She is a student of Naoetsu Private High School. After her chance encounter with protagonist Koyomi Araragi, her secret is exposed and her life begins to change. 

Senjougahara is a very unique character, and it’s this uniqueness that has made her become so beloved and secured her place in the hearts of anime fans all over the world. She is known for numerous things, with some of the most standout being her extremely sharp tongue and bluntness. She will stick by her beliefs no matter what, and she refuses to back down if she firmly believes that she is right. 

To say that Senjougahara is a fierce character would be a massive understatement; this girl means business and commands the action on screen whenever she is in frame. Not only is she a badass by the typical meaning — have you seen the amount of sharp stationery items this girl carries around? — but she is also willing to go the distance when it comes to helping those she cares about. The events of Monogatari Second Season, in which she contacts Kaiki Deishuu — a person who represents her traumatic past — is a great example of this; it’s all in order to help out Araragi.

Top 3 Badass Anime Ladies

Fujiko Mine (Lupin The Third – The Woman Called Fujiko Mine)

Fujiko Mine is the main female lead of Lupin The Third. She is a professional criminal, trickster, and the original anime femme fatale. Fujiko mentions that she and main character Lupin had a romantic relationship at some point in the past, but due to their rather specialist careers, she ended their relationship.

Despite this, Fujiko and Lupin most definitely still pine for one another, as is evident in almost any scene in which they are together. But even with these feelings, that doesn’t stop Fujiko from doing whatever she can in order to run off with all of the loot. Usually, Lupin can outsmart and predict whatever Fujiko is trying to do — but on occasion, she will escape with all the rewards and leave Lupin with nothing. 

I mentioned previously that Fujiko Mine was the definition of a femme fatale, and that’s because her character was originally meant to fill in the “Bond Girl” role and add some more female presence to the series. She steadily became a more prominent character in the show — and from there the legend of one of the most badass anime women of all time was born. 

Fujiko is one the smartest and craftiest characters in the entire Lupin series and she will use all of the tools in her arsenal in order to get what she wants. Numerous times throughout the series and its movies she has outwitted both the main cast of characters and the villains, plus she isn’t afraid of using her beguiling charms to gain the upper hand either. 

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