This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing

This Japanese Ukiyo-e Pokemon Art is amazing.  It also gets bonus points for reading right to left. The attention to detail. THAT NineTails art. Just incredible work that I, for one, full approve of. I actually remember this from, oh… probably about ten years ago…


Though only today was reminded of this Ukiyo-e Pokemon art after finding on an old USB stick – so, yeah – thought I’d share it. I’ve tried to find the original artist, he/she was Japanese I believe – so if anyone knows the exact source, please help a shameless reposter out in the comments below.


Check it out below – click to view full size, it’s well worth it. We’ll wait right here! ^_^


Ukiyo-e Pokemon art is amazing


Just in case you’re wondering, Japanese Ukiyo-e artwork is the ancient tradition of creating artwork using paint and woodblock, a style which was prominent in Japan from the 17th to 19th century and is incredibly distinctive in style.


Ukiyo-e pokemon art 3

Ukiyo-e pokemon art Style

Ukiyo-e pokemon


It’s not the first time that people have reworked videogame heroes in the Japanese Ukiyo-e Style. Artist Jed Henry, did simlar work with many prominent videogame heroes quite a few yeas back too. You can see some of his art, for Mario Kart and Mega Man, below.


Japanese Ukiyo-e Style Pokemon Art


Japanese Ukiyo-e Style Pokemon Art 2


You can actually buy these prints from his website, right here. Incidentally, I once met Jed at his stall at Los Angeles Anime Expo many years ago. He was a super nice guy. Not that that should be a reason to buy his prints or anything, mind you. Just saying.

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