VShojo is now fully Live2D – catch up on what you might be missing

Ever since a group of popular indie English VTubers gathered together under the VShojo banner, they’ve been considered the punks of the commercial VTubing world, if such a thing isn’t a contradiction in terms. Fiercely independent, maintaining full creative control over what they do and keen to entertain their audiences in a variety of unique styles, VShojo’s streamers are some of the best online entertainers out there — and now they’re all Live2D’d up, too!

Yes, with the recent debut of Silvervale and Projekt Melody’s Live2D models, all of the VShojo members now have Live2D models with which they can stream, even if they were previously known primarily as a 3D streamer.


It makes sense for the girls to all have Live2D models, since Live2D streams are a lot less work to prepare for, since they don’t require full body tracking to look convincing. Projekt Melody in particular seems excited by the possibilities her Live2D model provides, since it will allow her to do more casual streams more often — though of course she’ll still keep her 3D model around for special occasions and her ongoing adult entertainment work. She was, after all, the world’s first live 3D hentai camgirl, as well as being a thoroughly entertaining streamer with a fine line in Dad jokes.

Anyway, with this being a significant milestone for the group as a whole, this seems like a good opportunity to check out what all the members are up to, just in case you’ve been missing out on each of their distinctive brands of entertainment. So let’s enjoy the work of these endearingly boisterous VTubers in their native habitat and have some fun!


Silvervale is the most recent of the VShojo gals to get a Live2D avatar, so she takes the top billing on this list! An endearing, charming, warm, cosy streamer, it’s hard not to feel like you’re wrapped in cotton wool when you’re watching Silver — and the absurd levels of cuteness that her new Live2D look brings to the table only makes these snuggly feelings all the more pronounced.

That said, Silver also isn’t afraid to get lewd when the time is right, but it’s always a wholesome sort of lewd; it’s like sharing a dirty joke with your big sister while your parents aren’t listening. An absolute delight.

Silver is known for exhibiting a surprising amount of bloodlust when playing violent games, and also enjoys horror games despite them frequently scaring her. She’s also very smart; watch her blast through a puzzle game and be prepared to feel like you could maybe do with a good mental workout or three.

Her relationship with her mother (known as Mamavale) is one of the most wholesome things you’ll ever see online, and it’s a pleasure to see how supportive they are of one another — Mamavale even attends and moderates Silver’s streams. In these days of vitriol and spite seemingly being the default way in which many people interact with one another on the Internet, it’s a genuine delight to see people who are just so genuinely nice to one another and have such clear love for one another; we could all learn a lot from them, I feel.

Silvervale’s distinctive new look is the work of Yocci, who is an artist, singer and VTuber herself; her rigging, meanwhile, was done by RotusLotus, a freelance Live2D rigger who only started taking freelance commissions earlier this year — I suspect they may be getting a few more after all this!

Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody got her own Live2D avatar shortly before Silvervale did, and this was a particularly significant moment, since she has become so well-known in her 3D incarnation. It’s been fascinating to see the development of Melody’s career over time; although she was introduced as the world’s first 3D hentai camgirl — much to the chagrin of real camgirls at the time, particularly when she proved considerably more popular during her debut week — over time she has carved out a distinctive identity for herself in the more “safe for work” space on Twitch and YouTube.

Melody is endearing because she’s such a dork; she’s immensely good-natured and source of some truly terrible jokes, and the slightly dozy persona she has at times gives the eminently relatable impression of someone who is not quite keeping up with the fast pace of today’s Internet. Make no mistake, though; she’s very aware of everything that goes on online, and is more than happy to have a good laugh over some silly memes or pieces of media with her audience, whom she refers to as the “Science Team”.

Melody’s shows with her 3D model typically feature full body-tracking, with even her “just chatting” Twitch streams often involving her standing up and moving around to perform. It made perfect sense for her to get a Live2D model, since this allows her to start streams without needing quite so much physical preparation — it also makes collaborating with other streamers eminently more practical too, so doubtless we’ll see a lot more in the way of Melody collabs going forward. She’s already struck up quite the charming relationship with Pomu Rainpuff from Nijisanji EN, so here’s hoping we see more of that.

Melody’s Live2D avatar was designed by hen-tie, an artist from the Phillipines with a distinctive style. Rigging, meanwhile, was handled by Brian Tsui of Iron Vertex, who also rigged Froot.


Zentreya is a highly creative VTuber who is a bit of an acquired taste for some thanks to her use of voice synthesis technology rather than truly “live” performances. However, spend a bit of time in her company and you’ll realise that her “deadpan” delivery is actually part of her core appeal — particularly when combined with her love of trolling, as seen in this delightful collaboration with Haruka above.

Zentreya got a Live2D upgrade earlier this year; prior to this, she primarily used a 3D model. As time has gone on, she’s branched out into experimenting with a variety of different styles, too; she’s particularly fond of her “gecko” variant, which she inevitably uses for, yes, trolling — again, as seen in the collaboration with Haruka above.

Zen has been having a hard time with mental health of late; her Twitter account announced that she had a severe mental breakdown at the end of September and would be taking a short break from online activities in order to recover. At the time of writing, she’s back online even though she admits she’s not quite 100% as yet, but reckons she may be returning to streaming shortly.

She’s had an outpouring of support from her fans, her friends in VShojo and her peers in other VTuber agencies, which I suspect has helped considerably — and she seems positive about the future, so that’s good to see. Be sure to show your support if you see her around and about!

Zentreya’s Live2D model is the work of Yuni from the VTuber artist group Vyugen, and her rigging is by Alexyon, who has rigged a wide variety of YouTubers since early last year.


Froot (also known as Apricot the Lich and BSApricot) sometimes feels like one of the VShojo gals who doesn’t get as much attention as the others, and that’s a real shame, because she’s a multi-talented, thoroughly lovely person who, like Silvervale, creates a wonderfully comfy and cosy atmosphere in her streams. She’s a formidable artist — she’s her own illustrator — and, despite her softly spoken nature, she’s very willing to speak out on the things that are important to her. This was perhaps best seen, regrettably, during recent accusations of misconduct from the individual who had previously been running VShojo’s Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Froot’s streams combine gaming, art and just chatting, and are always a pleasure to take in. Her character design is incredibly eye-catching and downright hard to look away from — particularly in its slightly more saucy long-haired incarnation — and her endearing soft voice, English accent and mannerisms make her a distinctive performer who deserves much more love and attention.

Froot’s Live2D art, as previously noted, was illustrated by herself, and rigged by Brian Tsui of Iron Vertex, same as Melody.

Hime Hajime

Hime was put in an immediately awkward position when people figured out almost immediately who she “really” is — on the off-chance you’re not aware and are keen to maintain the mystery, we’ll refrain from repeating that here — but she hasn’t let that slow her down at all. Even when her own peers have, on occasion, accidentally used her real name in their streams!

Hime’s streams combine gaming — typically horror games — with “just chatting”, and her casual, carefree attitude — and willingness to be lewd — have made her popular with her fans, even if she’s one of the slightly lesser-known members of VShojo in the grand scheme of things.

Hime gained a certain amount of notoriety for being almost immediately banned from Twitch following her debut for, I quote, her “bomb-ass tits”. This has led to her repeatedly joking around with her audience by covering her visible cleavage with an image of the Bible.

She’s not been super-active of late — at least partly due to her “other work”, but she recently debuted a new outfit that has proven understandably popular thanks to the expected boob window and some truly formidable zettai ryouiki. It’s great to see her back, and she seems excited to get back to streaming, too, so hopefully we’ll see her a bit more regularly from now on.

Hime’s original character design was by Froot, and her new outfit was by Enma Akatsuki from Iron Vertex, the same group that Froot and Melody’s rigger Brian Tsui is part of.


The most recent addition to the VShojo lineup, Veibae is a very active VTuber who has proven popular for her good sense of humour, her willingness to collaborate with others — and the fact that she is, inadvertently or otherwise, absolute sexual energy personified.

Veibae’s streams cover a wide variety of different topics, ranging from simple chatting streams to media and meme reviews and some interesting games. She was popular long before joining VShojo — including overseas — and she’s continued to carve out a distinctive niche for herself as part of the group.

One of the things that has made her most popular is her distinctive voice; she’s English, but people are continually trying to work out if there’s a touch of “something else” in her accent. She’s pretty open to talking about her actual identity — she’s voluntarily revealed her real face multiple times and feels no shame in that — but, in exchange, is more than happy to roast her chat (or indeed laugh at them for nearly three minutes straight) if they step a bit out of line. Good for her, I say.

Veibae’s Live2D art, which was introduced around the time she joined VShojo, is the work of NeonBeat, who has also worked on a music video for Hololive’s Takanashi Kiara. Her Live2D rigging, meanwhile, is by keffiy, who has rigged numerous Hololive VTubers including Kiara, Kronii, Ollie and the dearly departed Coco.


One of the most well-known and popular members of VShojo, Ironmouse remains admirably humble, often seeming remarkably starstruck when given the opportunity to collaborate with members of Hololive. She’s a delightful presence, though, with her energetic personality forming a great centrepiece of any collaboration, and being more than capable of providing plenty of entertainment by herself.

Ironmouse is an inspirational figure for many, since she turned to VTubing as an escape from a debilitating real-life medical condition. She’s been more than willing to talk about this on multiple occasions, but it’s also clear that she derives great joy from the fact that taking on the Ironmouse persona allows her to live a vibrant, active life online and forget all about her real-life troubles for a while.

And she’s fully committed to being the best entertainer she can be; she’s highly creative, actively involves both her audience and other streamers in her work, and is more than willing to play up for the “camera” when appropriate.

A highlight of many has been her definitely not tsundere relationship with Connor Colquhoun, better known as CDawgVA. The chemistry between this pair is undeniable, and it’s always a delight to see them together — even if poor old Connor inevitably ends up as the butt of Mousey’s jokes for several hours. Outside of this, Ironmouse has also played a leading role in VShojo hosting cross-agency collaborations with groups such as Hololive and Nijisanji; she’s very much the glue that holds the group together in many ways.

Ironmouse’s Live2D, which debuted a while after she joined VShojo, is the work of Nia and Cetra from Iron Vertex.


Finally, we come to the one and only Nyatasha Nyanners, who is the most popular member of VShojo in terms of raw numbers — but she’s also the one who has been active online for the longest; her early years online were not as a VTuber, but she managed to build up a following before her VTuber debut in 2020. Since revealing her VTuber model, though, she’s gone from strength to strength, with her streams regularly attracting large numbers of live viewers, and even more on YouTube catching up on her latest antics.

Nyanners is simultaneously quite softly spoken and willing to speak her mind; while she struggles with social anxiety and shyness, she’s also quick to correct people if they try to put words in her mouth. This is especially apparent when it comes to her sexuality; she identifies as bisexual with a particular preference for women, and she has slapped down people who try to tell her she’s gay without mercy.

This has occasionally made her a controversial figure with certain quarters of the community — but she’s simply someone who is honest and true to herself. It’s likely that her recent Live2D model refresh, which makes her look a little more “mature”, is at least in part an attempt to distance herself from unwelcome attempts to bring up comments from years ago.

Controversy aside, Nyanners is a highly entertaining VTuber with a pleasantly comfy feel to her streams. She likes to talk about all sorts of things while she’s playing, and has an endearing “stream of consciousness” sort of style to what she rambles on about. It’s not uncommon for a stream playing something like PowerWash Simulator to end up talking about sexual fetishes — and the transition in the conversation felt perfectly natural. That’s the power of an ancient old god, I guess.

Nyanners’ Live2D is the work of Nia, who also designed Ironmouse, with rigging by Zensei-kun from Iron Vertex, who have had an admirable amount of business from VShojo to date, it seems!

So who’s your favourite? Or do you like ’em all? VShojo is going from strength to strength, and it’s exciting to see what’s next for these girls. The company also recently closed applications for auditions — so at some point in the near future we’ll see some new additions, too! One can only imagine the chaos that will ensue…

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