VTubers do the Ankha Zone “dance”

Ankha from Animal Crossing has been very popular of late. The reason? Porn, of course. Yes, popular hentai animator Zone put out an animation of everyone’s favourite pharaoh-styled cat doing the nasty with Villager back in January of this year, and it’s become a meme known as “Ankha Zone”.

What with it being porn, though — and with the original animation being locked behind a paywall — it’s somehow managed to become a meme without the original source material actually being shared all that much, which is sort of impressive in its own way.

Ankha Zone

A big part of the Ankha Zone meme’s spread has come about because of VTubers, who have taken great delight in providing their own take on the animation. It’s a good means of showing off the animation capabilities of their Live2D rigs or 3D models, a means of expressing their lewd side and also of teasing their audience.

So let’s take a look at some recent highlights, shall we?


If there was one VTuber I would have predicted would take the whole Ankha Zone thing the most “seriously”, it would be Veibae from VShojo. While she’s not an outright erotic VTuber like her peer Projekt Melody, few can argue that she’s absolutely dripping with sex appeal, particularly since her newer models have really played up her “succubus” aspects.

Her newest 3D model, featured in this video, has been used in a few provocative videos, including being introduced in a video with Nyanners singing “oh my God, look at her butt” over and over, but, well — I think the caption at the end of this one says everything that needs to be said.


By contrast, Nyanners’ take on the whole Ankha Zone thing, accompanied by an excellent chiptune rendition of the meme’s theme song (Camel by Camel from Sandy Marton) is surprisingly wholesome.

Nyanners occupies a strange position in the lewd space whereby she can be simultaneously spectacularly lewd and incredibly pure at the same time. It’s not at all uncommon to hear her talking extensively about fetishes while playing PowerWash simulator or something, then she goes and pulls something like this and it’s just plain adorable.

This time around, the cat really is just dancing.


The Ankha Zone “dance” has been very popular among VShojo, as Silvervale also performed it as part of her Live2D debut, complete with ahegao face and heart-shaped pupils.

In this instance, everyone came away as impressed with the fluidity of the movement on her model as they were turned on, since there’s some particularly impressive flexibility on the rigging of her shoulders. Plus, again, there was a sense of fun about the whole thing, since Silver carried this on for a good two minutes, occasionally giggling in a thoroughly endearing manner.

Silvervale has a reputation for hosting warm and cosy streams, but is also very open to being distinctly NSFW — lots of her merchandise features lewd imagery. Like with Nyanners, though, there’s a distinct contrast between Veibae’s raw sexual energy and Silvervale’s undoubtedly lewd but nonetheless wholesome take on the whole thing.

Gawr Gura

Gura didn’t perform the Ankha Zone “dance” herself, but during one of her Minecraft streams, a viewer did send her a fan-made animation based on the meme. Rather endearingly, she appeared to have no idea what “Ankha Zone” meant, and thus her initial reaction to the animation was delightfully innocent. “It’s cute!” she said, before going on to point out the excellent amount of detail in the background.

She didn’t appear too bothered by the revelation that the original Ankha Zone animation was 18+, though she did encourage her viewers to stick to the YouTube versions… just in case.

Juniper Actias

(Edit: the animation in question has been taken down for whatever reason, so here’s Juniper not knowing who Zone is.)

Another fan-made work, this particular Ankha Zone animation came about as the result of a conversation on Juniper’s stream where a fan asked her if she’d voice herself in a Zone animation. Prior to knowing what “Zone animation” referred to, Juniper said that yes, she probably would voice herself — but then, of course, chat explained that Zone is, in fact, a famous 18+ hentai artist and animator. Juniper apparently wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, concluding, quite rightly, “yabe”.

She would like to add that she’s a big fan of Zone’s work, though.

Have you see any fun Ankha Zone animations? Feel free to share ’em down in the comments — this is the meme that keeps on giving, after all. So to speak.

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