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Waifu Wednesday

If there is one thing that My Hero Academia has not had a shortage of, it’s waifus. Between Mount Lady, Midnight, and Recovery Girl, there is a wealth of beautiful women for fans to fawn over — but no one has sent the Internet into a frenzy quite like Miruko. As soon as she showed up, it was like the entire Internet simultaneously knew they had to either draw or cosplay her.

This pro hero debuted in the manga a few years ago but didn’t get her anime introduction until last year — and even that was a pretty barebones intro, so this will be a spoiler-free Waifu Wednesday.

Who is Miruko?

Miruko jumping

Rumi Usagiyama is, like a lot of the characters in My Hero Academia, a professional hero. When she is introduced to fans, she is the fifth highest ranked pro hero and the highest woman on the chart, meaning that she is already a well-known force for good in the world. We don’t get to see a lot from her in this first appearance – mostly she just stands on stage as Hawks and Endeavor have a face-off.

Going by Rabbit Hero Miruko, she does all the things a rabbit can do. She can kick, jump, and look great in a leotard. (Sold – Ed.) As a hero, she is a solo act, never wanting to team up with other heroes for longer than a mission or two. Miruko has said that she feels heroes who team up permanently are just afraid that their own strength won’t be enough to carry them. And thus, like any good shounen protagonist, she prefers to prove herself on her own.

Why we love her

Miruko from My Hero Academia

Miruko sits comfortably in two of my favourite categories of anime girl. She’s a muscular bunny girl, an anime trope that I don’t feel like we see enough of. Combine this with the fact that she’s got the confidence to back up any boast she makes, and you’ve basically made the perfect woman. Miruko is a twist on the typical bunny girl trope, which has been a staple of anime for longer than anyone can remember. Rather than playing up her sexuality, she displays ferocious strength that is a match for almost any other hero in the series.

Like All Might before her, Miruko’s philosophy as a hero is to charge into battle with a smile on her face. Unlike All Might, she does this less to comfort the people she is saving than to prove to her enemies that she is still taking it easy on them. Her speed, strength, and agility are enough that she often isn’t lying, either. She’s a hero looking for her next big adrenaline kick and there is no bigger one than kicking a villain in the head.

Why you’ll love her

Miruko from My Hero Academia

This is one pro hero who takes the “hero” part of the title very seriously. If you’re a fan of confident women who can get themselves into and out of any sticky situation, you’re going to love Miruko. There is a reason she’s taken the fandom by storm and it isn’t just because she’s a muscular bunny girl. (Is it the leotard? I like the leotard – Ed.) She’s fearless, smart, and willing to risk life and limb to stomp out evil.

There is a lot about her that still hasn’t come to the anime, but Miruko is set to become a big part of the anime in the next few seasons, so it’s best that you get clued up on her sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking to get caught up on all things My Hero Academia before the next season drops, you can stream all the subbed and dubbed episodes on Funimation.

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