Final Fantasy VII Remake is Actually Happening

 Final Fantasy VII Remake is Actually Happening

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a real thing, it turns out. Where does that leave the dud announcement by Square Enix at the PlayStation experience that Final Fantasy VII PC was coming to PlayStation 4? Who knows? More importantly, who cares? A full remake of Final Fantasy VII is really where it’s at. As tricky as it could be to pull off, our hearts are aflutter after watching the trailer. It’s the real deal.



“Play it first on PlayStation 4,” says the trailer — though there is no news on what other consoles it could be released on. For all we know Final Fantasy VII remake could only be PS4 and PC in the end, though it’d be surprising to not see it on Xbox One too.




There’s some serious Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children vibes coming from the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. Whether that’s a good or bad thing we’ll leave to you. While the trailer is pretty short, it’s also pretty sleek. This is more than just a HD remaster, this is a full remake. And boy does it look sleek.



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