Virtual Reality Sex Suit will blow your mind

Prepare your bodies folks, the full virtual reality sex suit is finally here! If you’re not content with the Earthly pleasures which Mother Nature provides, this full virtual reality sex suit from Illusion in Japan has just upped the ante when it comes to Virtual Reality Sex.

Called Illusion VR, it’s safe to say, gaming peripherals have never managed to look as legit and dignified as this!

Virtual Reality Sex Suit-1

This virtual reality sex suit is made to work along side the game ‘Sexy Beach’  – one Sexy Game for Perverts I must admit I’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing first hand (*orders from internet*) – and uses the Oculus Rift and Tenga, the curiously un-erotic masterbatory tool for discerning gentlemen, to good effect. The VR technology is just starting to rise and not a lot of them are dedicated to video sex games. We might see more sex VR games dedicated to women very soon, but for now they will just have to do with pony dildos on

Virtual Reality Sex Suit

It also uses a specially made touching sensor suit that makes your body feel as though it’s being touched, as well as a pair of boob-like appendages for you to grope and manipulate.

The Full Body Virtual Interface, as it has been clinically named, will set you back a paltry £300 and will perfectly simulate a clumsy sexual encounter I once had with a girl called Jenny, on the periphery of an ice rink in Swindon, as a 14 year old boy.

Which is more detail than I had originally planned to give to give you on this, but apparently I need another 95 words to fill the SEO quota as recommended by the Word Press editor underneath the text box I’m typing into.

vr sex

I bumped into Jenny about 12 years later in a shopping center near my mum’s house – I kicked myself afterwards that I never asked her out because she was really very nice and we got on rather well. She was pretty too, and – oh, there we go... word count reached. Maybe I’ll finish that story another time.


Want to play something a bit sexy?
The OUTRAGEOUS GalGun coming to a PS4 and Vita near you this Summer!


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