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If you thought the world of Spy x Family only had room for one stellar waifu, you were wrong. The second half of the first season has introduced fans to Nightfall, one of Wise’s best agents who is just a little bit obsessive with her work. She’s cold, calculating, driving, and a hopeless romantic, making her one of the best characters in a show bursting with greatness.

This week’s Waifu Wednesday is all about the woman who wishes she had what Yor has.

Who is Nightfall?

Nightfall picture Spy x Family

Agent Nightfall is a Wise agent alongside Twilight, having performed numerous missions with him before the show begins. She was even trained by Loid, gaining the skills of an expert in the field of espionage. She has taken his lessons to heart, becoming every bit as effective as her mentor. Her expression is steady, and she shows no emotion or attachment to anyone outside of her mission. She considers herself the perfect spy – cold and focused only on the mission.

However, there is a crack in Nightfall’s seemingly impenetrable armour and that is Twilight himself. Over the years, she has developed a deep crush on Twilight, and who can blame her? The man is a bona fide hottie. However, Nightfall’s love borders on the obsessive, causing her to interfere with Operation Strix in the hopes that she will be chosen to be the new Mrs. Forger. I admire her ambition in going for the man of her dreams, despite the utter chaos it would create.

Why we love her

Nightfall from Spy x Family

The juxtaposition of Nightfall’s calm, unmoving face and the bundle of emotions and anxiety that lie just beneath the surface is one of the highlights of the anime series so far. A manic declaration of love permeates her internal monologue while her face betrays exactly none of what she is feeling, making her brief appearance in the manga and the anime a deeply memorable one. The slightest physical contact between the two seems likely to make her burst into a love confession, though she does her best not to show it.

It also doesn’t hurt that the arc that Nightfall features heavily in is one of the best in the manga so far. Assigned to steal a piece of art that holds the key to maintaining the uneasy peace between Ostania and Westalis, Nightfall and Twilight must enter the dark world of underground tennis to have a shot at getting their hands on it. It is an absurd premise but fits perfectly with the tone of Spy x Family and culminates in the most epic tennis match since Death Note.

Why you’ll love her

Nightfall and Twilight in Spy x Family

The problem with Nightfall’s secret plan to steal Twilight for herself is, of course, that she finds herself going up against one of the best anime waifus of all time, Yor. Even with all her training and skill, Nightfall can’t stand up to even a single serve from the Thorn Princess and must sequester herself away into the mountains to train her tennis backhand for a rematch. But despite such an insurmountable obstacle in her path, Nightfall doesn’t give up her dream of getting her man.

It is a silly concept, but you can’t blame her for trying. It’s not her fault that her rival in love is completely out of her league. When she’s not fawning over Twilight like the rest of us, Nightfall is one of the best agents that Wise has to offer. She just gets a little love drunk sometimes.

If you want to catch up on all of Spy x Family’s first season, both parts are streaming in subbed and dubbed on Crunchyroll.

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