PLAYISM shows off scores of Japanese indies in game show

Japanese publisher PLAYISM livestreamed its own game show last night, sneaking in just ahead of tomorrow’s TGS to reveal a number of indie titles, many of which it’s bringing to next-gen consoles.

Having published games such as (the PC version of) D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Touhou Luna Nights, PLAYISM is Japan’s oldest indie game publisher. It’s also been responsible for the Japanese localisations of many popular Western indie titles, such as Subnautica and Necrobarista.

The PLAYISM game show revealed trailers and gameplay details for a whole range of upcoming releases. Particular highlights included the run and gun wackiness of Mighty Goose and the beautiful, almost Ghibli-esque Tasomachi. There were too many games to cover in full here though, so if you’re interested, I recommend checking out the whole show on Youtube.

On the PLAYISM game show website, the publisher posted the following mission statement:

“There are games created by one person – or by small teams – simply because the creators wanted to. They are created because of the passion of these people towards their art. This passion is not something that can be imitated with huge budgets and large teams; it is something altogether unique.”

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