Sexy Link Cosplay – I REALLY like it when girls dress up as Link!

I mean, I really, really like it when girls dress up as Link. Sexy Link Cosplay is definitely a ‘thing’ for me. They’re something I find intensely arousing for reasons I can’t quite fathom – definitely more so than, say, the Mario-Girl Cosplays I posted some time ago. 




However (and this is a big HOWEVER!) do not think, for one minute, that I would entertain the thought of actual, sexual congress with with one of these beautiful, gorgeous Lady Links – or ANY Link for that matter. To do so, would be to soil the sanctitiy of one of videogaming’s most venerable heros/heroines. Ladies and gentlemen, I maybe many things – but a violator of the Hero of Time, is not one of them.


So pull up your long-johns, my dirty little elves – it’s Sexy Link Cosplay girls time.!


*toots Ocarina*





I guess this is the one that prompted me to write this latest cosplay compilation. That, and the fact I’ve not done one since last October. This gorgeous Link is the work of Molecular Agatha, and fine work it is indeed- introducing everyone to the intoxicating combo of Lilac, lace and… er… fingerless gloves.






I love Beethy’s cosplays. Her Hilda is one of my favourite cosplays ever – so it’s unsurprising that she’s delivered one of the loveliest Link cosplays in recent times.






I really like this one because it feels kinda real, you know?


Not exactly top marks for costume accuracy – but I like the rather candid nature of the photo. Plus it looks like it was taken in my Grandmothers front room.


I try to imagine what it would be like to turn up at Nanna’s house, only to find Myungsoo-umma posing by the coffee table, but can only picture disaster, as I drop the Victoria Sponge I brought round on the floor! I then spend the next five minutes embarrassing myself as I try to scoop the jammy, creamy sponge, back onto the plate. When I look up, she’s gone – clearly unimpressed. The silence of the moment broken only by my grandmother’s, ‘tutting’ from the kitchen…









I wouldn’t say this is where the obsession started for me – because it’s not an ‘obsession’. You hear me? It’s NOT an obsession!


It’s just not.


Jesus, how many times – it’s not an obsession!


An obsession is posting Asuka Langley In A Yellow Dress Cosplays over and over again on your facebook and twitter feeds. So this is DEFINITELY NOT that – an ‘obsession’, I mean. I would maybe define it as a ‘curiosity’ in Lady Links.


I think this pairing was the first time I had experienced any Lady Link feelings – and so they will forever be my favourites – the choice of colour! The oddly cold, but still reasonably tender – if a little stand-off-ish embrace! Perfection, no?



SOURCE (I don’t actually know the original source for this – can anyone update me please?





Curiously dark, steeped in mystery – and destined to end in teeth-shattering violence! Nope, not a synopsis of every long term relationship I’ve ever had – rather a smashing Link cosplay from NsomniacArtist!






I am a bit of a closet Rutuli fan – mainly because she made a sensational Edea cosplay from Bravely Default. This is a much earlier Link cosplay – which is both pretty and cute. but then Rutuli’s cosplays always are. 🙂







There is little doubt that Tenshi Hiyori’s scaling back of the traditional Link costume makes for a… *cough*… uniquely alluring sight. However, I can not unsee the fact that the limb of that tree is doing odd things to her arm – perspective wise…





Another that’s long been a favourite of mine – oddly, this is the only pose from the whole set that really works – perfectly capturing her remarkably pretty, and somewhat pixey-ish face. Does that sound a bit creepy? Maybe it does.


Maybe I’ll just stop there.


SOURCE (another I can’t find the original for, I’m afraid. Please let me know if YOU know)





Oh, Jesus – GOD, NO!




So sorry, that one…


…that one’s, er… from my private collect-




I mean, um – guess I must have dragged and dropped that one from tumblr by accident or something.


SO sorry.




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