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Persona: Endless Night Collection Review (PS4)

I love the music of Persona, despite having not played the games themselves, so I’ve been almost disgustingly excited for Persona: Endless Night Collection. The ability to finally play the popular Persona 4: Dancing All Night properly (i.e. for more than a couple of songs), as well as the dancing spin-offs of both the third […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Knows What It’s Doing with Secondary Characters

The Valkyria Chronicles games know how to make you care about the hordes of characters you can enlist to your cause, and this is perfectly exemplified in Valkyria Chronicles 4. It’s a really simple thing, but just by giving the secondary characters a little development, Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to make you care about each individual soldier in your […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review (PS4) – Mastering the Art of

Valkyria Chronicles 4 had me hooked from the demo, so I was very excited to see what the full game had in store. It may seem a little odd at first, but it’s a beautifully-crafted and enchantingly unique take on tactical strategy.     Valkyria Chronicles 4 manages to perfectly mesh turn-based strategy with real-time […]Read More

Persona 3&5 Dancing Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Atlus has confirmed that Persona 3 Dancing and Persona 5 Dancing will come with pre-order bonuses, which are Shinjiro Aragaki and Goro Akechi respectively. If you buy the Endless Night edition which includes both games, then you get both characters and their respective music tracks.   If you’ve forgotten, the Endless Night edition comes with […]Read More

Judge Eyes is the Yakuza Studio’s New Project

Sega’s Yakuza Studio is working on a new game away from the spectacular Yakuza series, this time focusing on drama rather than drama mixed with comedy. No gameplay for Judge Eyes has been revealed, but the 5~ minute trailer focuses on the narrative, detective and law work, and it doesn’t shy away from violence.   […]Read More

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Demo Live Now

There’s a Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise demo out right now in EU and NA, and it’s a great taster which has me eager for the full game. Playing the demo nets you a free PS4 theme once the game releases, so that’s pretty snazzy.   Fist of the North Star is a gratuitously […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Coming to Switch in October

With Valkyria Chronicles 4 coming to both PS4 and Switch in the west later this month and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered already available on PS4, it’s a pleasant but not huge surprise to learn Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will also be coming to Switch soon after. Perfect for anyone who gets hooked by the newest entry to […]Read More

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Preview

We’re rather large fans of strategy games in our office and, despite their undeniable difficulty at times, have fought through some of the toughest titles the genre has to offer. So, our excitement when Sega both announced Valkyria Chronicles 4 and invited us to their offices to play it was palpable.   Valkyria Chronicles 4 […]Read More

Yakuza Kiwami 2 Review (PS4)

I’ve been a big fan of the Yakuza series since I began my journey with the third game on PS3, and now, I can finally say that I’ve played every mainline entry. I’ll miss experiencing new journeys with the amazing Kazuma Kiryu, but Yakuza Kiwami 2 is among the best that the series has to […]Read More